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Our services staff are professionally trained and certified to work on all bicycle makes and models, not just the ones we sell. Each year we send our technicians to training sessions by Shimano, SRAM, RockShok to name a few and other manufacturers to keep up with the latest equipment. Each bike is cared for like it belongs to a family member or loved one. We don’t judge a bike by cost or origin. Whether it came from Walmart or a custom Italian we treat you and your bike with the same level and care. And above all we are gentlemen to ladies.


Every bike in for service starts on the repair stand. We invite you back for a brief assessment. We want you involved in the repair process. You get to share with us your specific concerns and we survey the bike. We test the brakes, gears, suspension any system that moves. Should we find something not right, you get the benefit of having that “Aha” moment. Seeing the part that may be broken, damaged or worn and the why and how vs. trying to envision it during a phone call at home.  Next, a work order is generated, printed detailing the repairs, costs and instructions all itemized for you to keep. A duplicate with the mechanics instructions is attached to your bike.

Post Service

Our shop has a unique Quality Control System in place to ensure the work has been performed properly. A second, different mechanic on our staff inspects the service and if necessary will test ride the bike making any subsequent fine tuning to ensure quality.  Every bike work order lists who did the assessment, who completed the repair and who did the Quality Control Check. This enables us to track the mechanic to ask questions and address concerns if necessary. It’s also a great tool to do additional training for new and up and coming mechanics.

Additionally, we have a 35 point “Quality Bike Build Checklist” that our mechanics use to build any new bike from a box. Each new bike build is also spotted by a second mechanic point by point.  We don’t know any other shop that has such a program.

The Wheel Nuts Bike Shop Service Work Guarantee:

Wheel Nuts will honor and warranty our service for 30 days from pickup. Ensuring plenty of time to test ride your bike. If there is the need for any fine tune adjustments related to the service we performed, bring back the bike. We will do our best to stop what we are doing to make the adjustments while you wait or within 24 hours 


No appointment necessary for the initial bike assessment. After your initial assessment our mechanic will discuss the recommended maintenance, tune up package or repairs. The bike is then put into our repair cue with an estimated completion date.

Need it in a hurry? We understand the many circumstances folks need their bikes back ASAP. You may not own a vehicle and rely on your bike to commute to work and do errands. You may have a race or group ride.  Or you need the bike for a trip to the beach or mountains.  Wheel Nuts established our Red Carpet Service with your needs in mind. This rapid 24 hour return is $25 and applied to your work order.  Providing that no parts need to be ordered to complete your repair, your bike will be completed by the next day 90 minutes or less before closing time. Should a part need to be ordered, the clock starts ticking when the part arrives.

Can’t pick up your bike immediately after a repair? Your first three days of bike storage is free. Subsequent bike storage is $5/day. Abandoned bikes will be donated after two months.

(Pricing is for labor only. Parts needed at extra cost)

Your bike had a dirty weekend huh?
A race, century in the boonies, commuted through a storm and your bike needs a lil’ TLC.
This tune up is for you.
• Safety check
• Bike clean
• Chain scrub
• Gear adjustment
• Brake adjustment
• Headset adjustment
• Lubricate drivetrain
• Inflate Tires

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop express tune and lube

This is a good choice if your bike is in generally good shape. You showed it love all year, but needs it’s annual checkup. Includes all work in our Express Tune and Lube plus:
• Fine cleaning of frame and components-on bike
• Brake pad filing and dressing
• Disc brake rotor de-glazing
• Front/Rear hub adjustment
• Bottom Bracket bearing adjustment
• Multi-point fastener torqing
• 20 point lubrication

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop standard tuneup

Our Best Value!
This is the choice for dedicated all weather commuters, heavily ridden bikes, racing bikes for cyclo-cross, road/tri and mountain bikes that are performance oriented. Your bike is your baby!
Includes all work in the Standard Tune up plus:
• Front/Rear wheel true
• Bike components are removed and put in our Ultrasonic cleaner
• Detailed hand cleaning of frame and silicone polished
• Light rust removal
• Pedal re-greasing.

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop precision tuneup

Recommended every 2 years or 6,000 miles
Your bike is a mess, no worries! Got your Dad’s 1975 Bianchi, its a beauty but needs the works. Your commuter, racing bike, cross bike or mountain bike needs a reboot. This gets it back as close to Day 1 for you. Includes all work in our Precision Tune up plus:
• Bike is completely disassembled
• Hand cut replacement of all brake and gear housing
• New cabling-gears and brakes
• Front/Rear wheel hub bearing overhaul (w/new loose bearings grease & pack. Cartridge style extra)
• Bottom Bracket overhaul (w/new loose bearings grease & pack. Cartridge style replacement or upgrade extra)

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop performance overhaul

Any worn, damaged or broken components that require replacing incurs cost of the part and its respective installation labor and added to the work order. All tune up packages and work orders over $50 have an Environmental/shop fee of $6. This is for safe disposal and recycling of replaced parts and packaging, and customary shop supplies used to perform work.

Wheel Nuts takes a great effort to be environmentally friendly. We use eco-friendly solvents, de-greasers, lubricants and greases wherever possible. We recycle as much by products as we can. We hope you find that as important as we do! 

Diagnostic Fee: $30 First half hour/$20 each additional 15 minutes

Do you have a mysterious click, creak, croak, squeak, chirp or clack? Troublesome shifting, braking, headset issue?  Sometimes the cause if very hard to find and requires removal of parts and components and multiple test ride outside. In this case we charge a diagnostic fee. This fee is added to the repair work order or is a stand alone fee should you elect not to have the bike repaired.  Nine times out of ten an hour is all we need.

Consulting/Research Fee:  $30 First half hour/$20 each additional 15 minutes

Thinking of building a bike from scratch and want us to prepare a component make up?

Restoring your Dad’s 1970 StingRay and need to find a banana seat and spring fork?

We are happing to help with your projects! We have a wealth of knowledge, contacts, product guides, specialty supplier to help you achieve your goal and make a dream come true!


Walk-Ins Welcome

Getting ready for a ride and discovered that a tire’s gone flat? Did you hit a pot hole and knock your rim out of true? Sometimes you cannot plan when your bike needs attention. Bring it in! If we can fix it on the spot, we will. And if we need more time, we will let you know when to stop by to pick it up.

Come in, call or e-mail us soon so we can make that important repair or adjustment and get you back on your bike ASAP!

*Service Menu- (most common-not a complete listing, call for additional pricing)

Showing labor only. Part cost not listed.

Install Tube and/or tire (front or rear) $12
Basic Lateral True $25
Radial True $35
Spoke Replacement (front) $30
Spoke Replacement (rear) $40
Hub adjustment $15
Hub Overhaul (front) $25
Hub Overhaul (rear) $40

Adjust derailleur (front or rear) $20
Gear cable install $27
Internal routed gear cable install $35
Derailleur install (front) $25
Derailleur install (rear) $30
Chain install $20
Cassette install $25
Freewheel Install $20
Shifter install (cable front or rear) $25
Crank install $35
Bottom bracket adjustment $20
Bottom bracket overhaul (loose bearings) $45
Bottom bracket install (cartridge) $25

Adjust brake (front or rear) $15
Brake Pad install $15
Brake Disc Pad install $18
Brake cable installation (Caliper/Disc) $25
Disc brake line bleed $40
Brake caliper install (mechanical) $25
Brake caliper install (hydraulic) $35
Brake caliper hydraulic line resize $20

Grip install $10
Road bar tape install $18
Aero bar (clip on) $25
Bar end install $15

Bike build from box (geared) $95
Bike build from box (single speed) $65
Bike build from box (tandem/recumbent) $125
Bike build from box (electric) $125
Bike build (bare frame/custom) $325

Bike Fitting (by appointment) $100
Accessories install $8-$15
Computer Install/Configure (Cateye style) $15
Fender install $20