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Our Staff

Meet The Staff:
The Wheel Nuts Team is the heart and soul of our shop. We love biking and we love to share our passion. You are the reason we are here, and we want to treat you with statement of “Wow” service. We could have shared a long winded bio of each team member but instead we wanted to be a bit fun and let you know more than the boring stuff like our degrees, and every single accomplishment. We present to you Wheel Nuts Staff Crazy 8 things………

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop Ron

Ron Taylor –owner/mechanic
• 3 x IronMan Finisher-12 hours fastest time
• First job at 8 years old working for Krispy Kreme. Still love em’!
• Collects antique sleds (which I use each winter) and Peanuts Cartoon toys
• Spent time as a kid on a farm with my Grandparents in WV. We had no indoor plumbing (had an outhouse), heated the house by coal burning stove, cooked on a wood fired Hoosier stove, and had a party line phone.
• Black Diamond Skier
• Thinks Howard McNear who played Floyd the Barber on the Andy Griffith show is the greatest thespian that ever lived.
• Born without wisdom teeth-upper and lower
• Professional lifeguard for 20 years-beaches and water parks. Captain of the first place Mid-Atlantic Lifeguard championship team.
• Loves dark chocolate and dark beer (Hint hint-spoil your mechanics)

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop Trina

Trina Taylor-owner/Product Tester
• My happy place is outdoors-forests, oceans doing 4 season activities
• Favorite sounds-a cat’s purr, an owl’s hoot
• Strong desire to reconnect with my creative side and get back into art
• Got plans to improve my surfing, and x-country skiing
• Good at riding my bike, bad at cleaning it
• Good brusher and flosser, but still get cavities. It’s a family thing
• Stopped eating meat as a kid, but love seafood and dairy
• 3x IronMan finisher

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop Ray

Ray Felsecker-Manager/mechanic
• Recovering lobbyist
• Political junkie
• Mad chef “foodie”
• Knows more about southern Maryland than a boy from Wisconsin should
• Never met a beer that I didn’t like
• “Big Bang Theory” fanboy
• “Gulf War 1” veteran
• I believe Eddy Merckx is THE BIKE GOD!!!!

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop Courtland

Courtland Chavis-Senior Mechanic/Stuntman

• Play several musical wind instruments
• Featured in the Google 2018 Winter Olympics commercial. I was the skater that went backwards over the wall.
• Love to ski and skate in winter
• Toss up between road and mountain biking.
• I’m a darn good cook
• People say I laugh alot
• Love craft beer
• Married my sweetheart, honeymooned in the Arizona Desert

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop Chris

Chris Yesmont-Senior Mechanic/Cyclo Cross & Commuter Specialist
• Part-time wrench, full-time Environmental Specialist
• Did my Master thesis on Swan genetics
• Born in NY with a slice of pizza in my hand. Raised on Long Island, but lost the accent (or most of it)
• Give me 20 minutes ,a wheel, and a truing stand and I’m in deep meditation
• Confession: Got into cycling for bike touring, bought a touring bike, but have never been on a “real” bike tour longer than 1 night
• Raced 11 Cyclocross Cat 5, Cat 4/5, Cat 4 races and one Cat 2/3/4 race last season, only to realize I’m a “Mudder”
• My girlfriend tells me I can do “the greatest Woody Allen impersonation” (though I’m not sure it’s something to brag about)
• Play bass guitar, lead guitar in local rock bands